Do You Know How To Create A User-friendly Home and Office?

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Do You Know How To Create A User-friendly Home and Office?

If you’re part of the grueling workforce today, which is, working long hours at your desk …chances are that you are battling aches and pains.

Assess yourself quickly:

  • Do you spend more than TWO HOURS on the computer each day?
  • Do you know that not all (labeled) ergonomic products are not TRULY ergonomic?
  • Want to save money on by learning how to adjust for a more ergonomic work station? Can Save You Time And Money

Understanding Ergonomics is one way to minimize and eliminate pain. Ensuring you have an ergonomic work station is also key to a healthier work life. Maybe you already have some understanding of ‘what is ergonomics?’ from the “ergonomic” computer products you buy.


Ergonomics is more than just good design. It is also about the principles of ergonomics…such as good posture and how our bodies are meant to move. It is also important to study how we move and use tools, such as keyboards, and chairs. Ergonomics products designers also have to design equipment to the way we work as NEW RESEARCH in ergonomics suggest that good ergonomics is NOT static at all. The best ergonomic products are designed for movement. It also has to be use and intuitive friendly. The environment also plays a key part in ergonomics, such as the quailty of lighting and glare. how our body was designed to move study of designing equipment to your body, user and intuitive-friendly.It is also about understanding how your body moves and the way it was designed to work.

A Pain-Free, Ache-Free Work life

Most of us want to solve our posture problems, neck and back pains immediately. We want instant relief. We assume that we can remove that pain by buying the latest ergonomic chairs.

Sitting is the new smoking. On top of that, modern devices are not ergonomic.

However, how you USE that chair matters more than the $1000 you just shelled on a Aeron Desk Chair. Not having the right posture at your desk or not knowing how to “interact” with your ergonomic furniture, for instance…typing, can actually do us more harm than good.

And that’s where we come in.

Written as simply as possible, minus all the complicated and scientific terms, hopes to be your friendly guide for a better and healthier workplace.

Goals of this site

  • to provide free education of ergonomics
  • to promote healthier workplaces and improve the quality of our work life
  • to teach readers how to easily and inexpensively how to set up an ergonomic workstation
  • for good posture and a painfree body
  • to give independent reviews on ergonomic products

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