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Best Selling 3M Adjustable Footrest Ergonomic Review

*This page refers to the review of this particular 3M adjustable footrest with item model number Item model number: FR530CB
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To tell you the truth, I never believed in footrests. I did not realize that either dangling your legs or holding your knees a bit close is straining to our muscles.

I did not know a simple thing like an ergonomic foot rest can prevent posture disorders. The funny thing about discomfort can be subconscious. You don’t realize how it affects your ability and mood to work until one day, perhaps by chance you are made more comfortable. Then you may realize how it is important to have a comfortable, healthy, ergonomic workstation.

Footrests are meant to provide adequate support and rest to the feet for reducing pain, fatigue and strain on your legs, back and even your neck. Who knew? Now that I know, I went on a hunt to search for the best ergonomic footrest.

So far, by reviews and ratings alone as well as sales rank (on Amazon.com), the 3M adjustable footrest whose exact model number is FR530CB takes the top.

Here is a picture of the 3m Footrest

3m adjustable footrest

The product’s one-liner description is: 3M(TM) Footrest, Adjustable, Extra Wide, Steel Construction

How to Choose the Right Footrest for You

A footrest is basically used to raise both your feet for relieving pressure on your lower back and on the legs too.

This is truly helpful if you are suffering from typical conditions, such as congestive heart failure, high blood pressure, foot swelling and pain and varicose veins. A foot rest will promote your well being and will also add comfort. Whenever you are buying a footrest, consider these following important points:

  • Choose a footrest that is of an adequate size i.e. footrests are to be wide enough for your foot. An ideal footrest should be 16 inches wide, at least, for an average adult.
  • You must determine the appropriate height of the footrest when using it.

How do you measure the right size of the footrest? See this article – posture at a computer

Normally, a footrest should be at least 6 to 8 inches in height; this works well for all people who have been sitting high at a desk. Obviously, an adjustable footrest like this 3M will offer more value for money since you can adjust it until it feels right. It can also be shared amongst family members.

  • Footrests come in different textures; This is probably not a necessity but an added bonus. After all, if placed at an angle, wearing shoes, socks or nothing at all can influence the hold and ‘friction’ of your foot against the footrest.

Ideally, choose those foot rests that have a textured surface. These non-skid surfaces help preventing slip offs.

  • An adjustable tilt could be a great way of adjusting to the body position.
  • You could consider one of those rocking footrests as the movement will help with blood circulation.

But then again, this is just the extra bells and whistles.

3M(TM) Foot rest, Adjustable, Extra Wide, Steel Construction – Product Description

So far this is the most popular adjustable ergonomic footrest. It is one of the best selling foot rests according to sales rank on amazon.com and definitely one of the most reviewed and rated. Here are my comments on its features:

It features a charcoal gray color made from heavy-duty steel that ensures stability.

Heavy-duty Steel Body

Aren’t you tired of cheap, light weight plastic that is unstable whenever you move in your chair? You’re not meant to sit still anyway.

This 3m adjustable footrest is mostly made of solid steel, giving us a solid, dependable base.

Height and Tilt Adjustable

This helps especially when you’re like me who tend to do a little adjusting now and then to find the perfect height.

Having the adjustable foot rest also means you can share this ergonomic footrest or pass it along when not in use.

Excellent Foot Support

Engineered to focus on the support of the foot.

Extra Wide Platform

This 3M(TM) Foot rest, Adjustable, Extra Wide, Steel Construction has an extra wide platform that most ergonomic footrests don’t have. The luxury is worth those extra pennies.


Then you don’t have to wear shoes all the time. It would still work just fine.

Benefits of using 3M adjustable extra wide steel ergonomic footrest

As far as I have observed, the foot rest ensures:

  • Reduce fatigue and strain on the legs, entire back and neck region
  • Ensures foot controlled platform and tilt adjustment for proper back and foot rest
  • Ample space for footrest
  • Stability of your feet

What is the Expected Price?

The List price is $114.00. The price at Amazon is approximately $64.24 plus shipping (This price can vary daily). Check it out – this 3M foot rest

Warranty – The product comes with 5 years warranty, which is quite impressive.

What Customers Are Saying about the 3M adjustable footrest

  • “Excellent product… buying a 2nd one”
  • “Excellent construction though watch out for SHARP EDGES”
  • “I have used foot rests because of my short height for over 30 years. This 3M adjustable footrest has got to be one of the best. It adjusts easily, it sticks to the floor. Expensive… but if you want something that works, don’t waste money on a cheap plastic one.”
  • “Surprisingly simple and useful. My standards were: 1. not too bulky (need to be able to fit between my chair and workstation wall). It succeeds because it’s narrow enough, likely due to the sturdy metal. 2. needs to be strong – I had a plastic one that broke quickly. Feels great.”
  • “Well Constructed and Solid Foot Rest.”

Any Complaints?

Some users have said that the product has a rough edge. I suppose that means you should be careful not to be swiping your feet at it!Want to compare other ergonomic adjustable footrests? Check it out – 3M ergonomic footrests.

3m adjustable footrest

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