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My Favorite Chair by Herman Miller

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“We wanted a totally new kind of chair.” – Bill Stumpf and Don Chadwick

Aeron Chair Review Introduction

The Aeron Chair (Herman Miller) changed the way everyone thought about office chairs.

Firstly, it didn’t look like any other chair. Secondly, it was one of the chairs with advanced ergonomics features at that time. It was an intelligent chair, which could adapt itself to all the motions you go through everyday while seated!

It was also earth-friendly, being 94 percent recyclable.

Another interesting thing I found out while writing the Aeron chair review was that it was designed by Bill Stumpf, who was 58 years old at that time, and probably could understand all the aches and pains from working at a desk.

The Aeron chair provides healthy comfort and balanced body support. Its innovative suspension and easy to use adjustment controls let the chair move effortlessly as your body moves. That is quite amazing.

What to look for when buying an ergonomic chair

It didn’t take me long to realize that there are a few important things to keep in mind when buying an ergonomic office chair. They are:


  • The adjustability features


  • Adjustable Seat height


  • Adjustable arm rests


  • The shape and space of the seat


  • Lumbar support


  • Mobility features (according to your needs)


  • Type of covering which affects your comfort


If you buy just the first office chair (“ergonomic” labelled) you see then you are destined for dissatisfaction especially if you sit on it everyday. So bear with me as I will be an ergonomic chair review of the Aeron desk chairs.


Customizable and Adjustable of Aeron Chair Parts

One of the most important features of the Aeron Chair Herman Miller is its award-winning ability to buy them customized (in a simple easy process).

After researching many sites for this aeron chair review, I’ve come to conclude that most ergonomic chair retailers boast its ability to customize any chair for you. However, if you have ever gone through the process, you’ll quickly realize that the process of buying a customized ergonomic chair is a pain in the neck.

Not the Aeron desk chair. It is available in three sizes so it fits just about everyone.

Then you choose your color, and whether you want the extra stuff like lumbar support, sacral support (dubbed as PostureFit feature), in fixed or adjustable armrests) and varied bases to accommodate diverse fields of deployment.

Of course you should choose ‘fixed armrests’ if you are the only one using the Aeron desk chair, measured according to your ideal work posture.

But not to worry if you don’t wish to be bothered with the headache of customizing. You can simply select the Aeron chair size (Small, medium or large), its color and leave it to the other nine easy-to-make adjustments that come with it to make the Aeron chair work just right for the way you work.

PostureFit, Optional Star Feature of Aeron Chair

Aeron Chair Posture Fit
PostureFit supports the natural forward tilt of your pelvis



Advanced Ergonomics Chair Features

One of its main star feature of the Aeron Chair’s advanced ergonomics is the Posturefit Feature.

In summary, Aeron desk chair has a pioneering and revolutionary PostureFit mechanism (an add-on) that supports and brings comfort in the lower back, below the beltline, where the spine meets the pelvis.

Because it supports the natural forward tilt of your pelvis, it aligns your spine and prevents backpain. This is different to the standard lumbar support which many chair users find uncomfortable (since it is essentially a hard piece of plastic).

It has a suspension made of Pellicle (a synthetic material) which conforms to the body and is great for easing the strain of the lower back, giving pelvic back support.

Available now as an option on the Aeron chair, PostureFit is the next-generation, unparalleled ergonomic solution that works with the body’s natural mechanics to significantly improve lower back support and support healthy posture.


Posturefit has three components

    1. A Butterfly shaped flexible pad to support your back


    1. A wishbone structural outer support to cushion your back


    1. A control knob with a cable linkage which makes the whole thing work



For more about how the PostureFit feature came about in the Aeron desk Chair, go here.

The Aeron Chair Review

The Aeron Chair Adjusts Itself To You

The second award-winning capability of the Aeron chair is that it allows you to be one with your chair.

If you are a fan of ergonomics like I am, you’ll already be familiar with all the advice Ergonomics gurus give us, about how to adjust our chair for our posture and adjusting our posture to the chair.

In theory, it sounds very doable, but in reality, we are constant moving and adjusting. We are hardly stationary which is why everyone is raving about the Aeron desk chair. Its patented Kinemat tilt mechanism lets your neck, shoulders, hips, knees, and ankles pivot naturally.

Therefore, the Aeron chair moves effortlessly with your whole body, as if your body were telling the chair what to do.

Aeron Chair Review - Aeron in the office
Imagine this chair in your office? Image from


Other Distinct Aeron Chair Parts

Not a fan of a Warm Seat?

Don’t we all hate sitting in our chair for long periods of time because it is warm at the bottom? Bill Stumpf thought of that when he designed the Aeron Chair by using this resistant, synthetic yet breathable material Pellicle. Its suspension dissipates the body heat that builds up while you work, so it keeps you cool and comfortable.


Waterfall Front Edge

I’m aware that when I sit at my desk for long periods of time (especially when writing this Aeron chair review), my core starts to weaken and I let my good computer posture slide.

My breathing is affected and I lose my alertness. However, the “waterfall” front edge of the seat of Herman Miller Aeron Desk Chair takes the pressure off your thighs so that you blood keeps circulating resulting in helping you stay alert and focused.


Adjustable Armrests

Unlike other ergonomic chairs, the Aeron’s armrests slope slightly down the back. This unique detail is supposed to be the most natural and comfortable way of positioning the armrests.


High Wide Contoured Back

This helps take the pressure off the lower spine and gives us a ‘resting position’ whenever we need one.


Aeron Chair Review – Aesthetics

Without a doubt it is pleasing to the eye, but I suppose it is very designer-ish and might not suit The Boss’s Office. I doubt this will be available in the luxury leather we are all accustomed to for high level management because more than half of each chair is recycled materials, and the chair is 94 percent recyclable.

I certainly do not have a problem with its looks but for those concerned, you should simply get it in black. The Aeron is beautiful and distinctive and I doubt anybody who try to do a knock off can ever do it justice.

a 12 year Warranty


What is seldom written in Aeron chair reviews is that it includes a 12 year warranty. That’s amazing! Judging that the average a person spends on buying a chair is about $200 and changes their chair everry 1-2 years, it is actually cheaper and more worth it to buy the Aeron chair in the long run.

All Aeron Chairs come with a 12 year warranty as long as you are the first owner (i.e. you did not buy a used aeron chair) and that you have bought from an authorized seller.

The warranty covers all you need in my opinion, and Herman Miller covers the shipping costs too. Click here to read more about the Aeron Chair Warranty Process.

Awards of Aeron Chair

“Designs of the Decade” Gold Winner in Office Furniture from the Industrial Designers Society of America and Business Week magazine 1999

International Plastics Consumer Product Design Award from the Society of Plastics Engineers 1998


What Others Are Saying

Aeron Chair Reviews in general are raving from most consumers on the net with an average of 4 out of 5 rating from most reviewers on and other chair review sites.

Here are some of the comments to date:

“The chair is amazing and helps alleviate a lot of back pain caused from desk work.”

“I’ve found that the forward tilt is an added comfort I’ve not had in the past. If I have to reach forward for something the chair follows me and keeps my back and hips well supported. ”

“Assembly was very easy. It took about 5 minutes and the necessary allen wrench is provided. The only thing I needed a little bit of help with was fishing the lumbar support control cable through the fabric and to the adjustment mechanism. Once I had an extra pair of hands it took only a couple of minutes. I could tell this was a way different chair immediately. It’s actually quite heavy in comparison with any other chairs I’ve owned. I watched the videos, and read the adjustment booklet while I set everything to my liking.”

“I got this chair for my office and then I bought a second one. At first it was difficult to conceive spending this much on an office chair but after searching for the best price, considering also shipping and taxes, I made the mental adjustment. The more time goes by, the better I feel about the purchase. If you spend a lot of time sitting, you’ve got to think about long term back health, and this chair has a very decent 12-year warranty.”

“I was thrilled, and this ergonomic chair quickly cured me of various back and shoulder problems I had developed from long hours at my computer.”

” It is definitely the best chair I have had ever; it is comfortable and helps with posture.”

” It’s very comfortable and it has been a great investment.”


Any Complaints?


After reading a few aeron chair reviews, I found very few complaints for this chair on consumer sites around the internet.

One consumer complained that mesh seating began to wear out after six years and another one complained about the tedious process of sending the chair back for repair under its 12 year warranty. I suppose sending a chair anywhere is not an easy thing and like all things that come with warranties…this does not come as a surprise to me.


Where Can I Buy The Aeron Chair?


You can buy this Aeron Chair Herman Miller on At the monment, they include free shipping and from what I can tell when comparing prices with other online merchants, probably has the best deal. Click here to view this chair on Aeron Chair on

Occasionally, you may find used aeron chairs or refurbished aeron chairs on Amazon. Just check under its green “IN STOCK” heading and you’ll find some used prices.

Where Can I Read More Aeron Chair Reviews?


One of the best place for Aeron Chair reviews is Amazon. Click Aeron Chair Ratings to read more on


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