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This page is about unconventional chairs, though rated ‘best ergonomic computer chair’. Could these chairs be our future ergonomic work chair? If you are looking to view what people voted as the best ergonomic computer chair, click to read our review on Best Ergonomic Chairs.

Okay, get ready, because this page is going to be a crazy post. Crazy in terms of the craziest looking ergonomic computer chairs.

The background of the story is, as usual, I was reading about ergonomic office chairs, ergonomic chairs in general and keeping up to date what is available to the market for like desk workers like me.

I stumbled on an Internet marketing blog, Mike’s Quarter which wrote about these crazy “modern” ergonomic computer chairs. I decided to review them myself and test them against the very strict ergonomic principles of choosing the right chair. I mean, we all know by now that manufacturers’ love to label a chair ergonomic – so it can justify the higher prices, but it may not be ergonomic for your body.

A very good example would be those ‘ergonomic office chairs’ that have high, non-adjustable armrests… tsk tsk.

So let’s begin!


As Mike so promptly puts it, “…it is very important to have a decent ergonomic chair, if you don’t want to end up like the Hunchback of Notre-Dame.”

Best Ergonomic Computer Chairs Reviews


The Vitra Headline chair



My first impression was wow…this looks great. I was a little tired of weird looking ergonomic chairs. They don’t suit my french country home.

So I studied the technical details of this chair.

It passed the ergonomic test! Apart from the obvious basic features like height adjustment etc. it has a locking position device, adjustable armrests (you can even order one without the armrest). The armrests are short as well, which will not hinder the user from getting in closer to the desk.

In summary, it not only provides optimal support in the lumbar zone, but also pays attention to vulnerable areas that have been previously neglected – the shoulders, neck and head.

Conclusion: It looks like a fantastic office chair and personally voted ‘best ergonomic computer chair’ by me. But the only thing that disturbs me is why are all the product images of people using this great ergonomic chair WITH LAPTOPSLaptop ergonomics are a tricky subject because laptops are harmful if used over long hours.

The Kneelsit chair

Kneelsit was a revolutionary chair, designed in mind for good posture and good natural back support.


I like that they don’t have armrests because they are usually more problematic than beneficial.

There are lots of adjustable features for you to customize this chair, like kneeling pads, its height and you can move it around like a regular chair.

My only question is how my knees will feel after four hours of straight sitting.

While the Kneelsit chair works well for most people, there are some who can’t remain comfortable for long periods of time.

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More information on Kneelsit Chair.

Aeron’s Self Adjusting Chair



This has got to be the ultimate chair. When this is out, I’m sure this will take over every existing best ergonomic computer chair. Especially for lazy people who do not want to invest time learning about ergonomics or how to adjust the chair for the perfect work posture. interviewed Herman Miller, designer of the Aeron chair in 2009.


“We’re working on a chair that will listen to who’s sitting on it and adjust itself to their weight,” says Bill Dowell, director of research at Herman Miller, which makes the Aeron.


Herman Miller now makes the number one best selling ergonomic office chair. (The Mirra Chair)

Similar to the Aeron chair, the Humanscale’s Freedom chair includes a counterbalance system that adjusts itself like scales to the sitter’s weight as he or she reclines.

This eliminates endless adjustments for more than one users of a chair.


What is there left to say? If Herman Miller is making this chair, it has got to be the best ergonomic computer chair.


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Now this is defnitely unconventional.

The Netsurfer was designed by the Swedish company Snowcrash with how people sit on motorcycles in mind. I can see the relation, with your computer between your legs. It kinda looks like a Harley.

It was just the time when people started buying computers for their homes but nobody was doing new sorts of furniture. We began to test out different ideas using bits of furniture in our very messy office. We came up with this idea based on a motorcycle and the way you have the engine between your legs.

– Snowcrash designer Ilkka Terho

I guess they weren’t thinking about women working in the office.

From an ergonomic viewpoint? It seems to fit except this is more similar to laying down (like to sleep) than sitting. We are all familiar with the harmful effects of prolonged sitting, but laying down?

G-Tech Neber chair


Similarly, the G-tech Neber chair which kind of looks like a dentist chair. Looking upwards is tiresome, but from the pictures, there seem to have adequate support of the head.

I’m not sure how this is going to revolutionize the corporate office…can you imagine our workplace fitted with these?

Again, this stresses on the ergonomic benefits of NOT SITTING while working. True, that point is valid.

Read Cnet news coverage on the Neber Chair.

FINALLY, LAST but not least….in the best ergonomic computer chair category…

We have, instead of an ultimate best ergonomic computer chair… a Personal Computing Environment

Personal Computing Environment, PCE


Mike from describes it best.

“PCE is a radical re-design of the personal workspace, a modular and scalable platform that surrounds you with ultimate ergonomic, computing and entertainment solutions.
It turns the idea of a gaming or computer station inside out, making players the comfortable centerpiece of an integrated digital command center, with high performance computing, gaming and entertainment technology at their fingertips.”


The features of PCE sounds good. I will only list the ergonomic features here.


  • Full ergonomic adjustability


  • Patented C-spine workstation configuration.


  • Fully adjustable armrests.


  • Adjustable height of workspace i.e. desk.


  • Memory foam cushioning with gel cell inserts


  • User is in a reclined position, hence pressure off the back.


  • Feet supported by foot rest.


  • Knees are in ideal position at a somewhat 90 degree angle (100 degree to be exact).


  • Shoulders and upper arms are in line with the torso and supported


  • Head and neck are supported and in natural position.


  • Forearms, wrists and hands are inline with forearms and 90 degrees to the upper arm.



Now it leaves me thinking … where can I get these and how much do they cost? (And also, again, it does look a little strange.)

I couldn’t find anything other than this product is under construction, although tells me that it will cost starting from US$2750 and up.

Thus, as a desk-bound office worker like me, I think I will stick to something that is comfortable and fulfills the basic ergonomic requirements. I will also remember to get out of my seat every hour or so and I should be fine.

The link below shows some of the most popular ergonomic chairs that are not too extreme in price and provide value for your dollar.


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Best Ergonomic Chairs Reviews


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