Best Ergonomic Keyboard

Best Ergonomic Keyboard

The verdict is in, after months of searching, testing and reading reviews.

The Best Ergonomic Keyboard is …

none other than the

Microsoft Natural Ergonomic Keyboard 4000!

Ergonomic Keyboard Features

Its interesting product features an subtle but effective ‘split design‘ which encourages a more natural hand posture.

It also has a curved layout.

There is a zoom slider feature to help you view close up of webpages and customizable favorites keys.

The most interesting ergonomic keyboard design is how its sloped, curved, split…I know, it’s hard to explain but you should make that trip down to see it for yourself! I’ve slo written a more in-depth review and provided pictures (from the manufacturer), so you can see them here. Click here to view a more comprehensive write up of Microsoft ergonomic Keyboard 4000

On alone, it has 769 reviews! See it here – Reviews of Microsoft Keyboard

What Have Users Been Saying (Summary from Amazon)

I just picked this up this afternoon and have been very pleased with it so far. I used it to replace a Microsoft Natural Elite keyboard. The wrist/palm rests feel very nice, and I like the fact that the keys are quiet…. I realize that split keyboards are interesting to a minority of the population (and everyone should use what works best for them) – but if you’re one of the split keyboard people, I suggest giving this one a try. – Greg Broiles

I’m one of the many who have been typing for years; from college where I earned money as a typist, to secretarial work, and now as a software engineer and a part-time writer, so needless to say that my keyboard is basically a constant companion.
From years of typing I’ve come to learn my likes and dislikes of keyboards. I was one of those who ordered the very first Microsoft Ergonomic keyboard as soon as it came out, and I fell in love with it. After seven years, my faithful keyboard finally gave up the ghost and so I was forced to purchase another. – Neilisa

In the past few days, I’ve had an inquiry into whether I’m still satisfied with the keyboard. The answer is a big, bold *YES*. As I was telling a colleague, this keyboard simply rocks. I can type hours on end without pain. My “seat of the pants” impression is that I also type _faster_ with this keyboard. As I pointed out above, I think that most people will have to go through a period of adjustment to really feel comfortable and fall in love with this keyboard, even if you’re coming from a previous Microsoft Ergo series keyboard.- Charles Chen

Negative Reviews Summary

Some keys, particularly the space bar, required significantly more “push” than the others. – khyl

The spacebar is practically unusable. If you hold your hands in a normal position then you’ll likely hit the bar near the edge. Due to a pitifully bad design the spacebar will bend incredibly far before suddenly snapping and finally registering the keypress. – Ray

Click here to see price and for more info of the Microsoft Natural Ergo Keyboard 4000

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