Best Ergonomic Office Chairs

Which are the best ergonomic office chairs?

With so many choices around, deciding for the best ergonomic chair may prove to be a difficult task.

We know that ergonomic office chairs are recommended for those people who have to sit for prolonged hours at work.

But how do we choose the best one?

There are so many office chairs to choose from, and so we had to narrow it down to the most important factors that an ergonomic office chair must qualify to make it to the list of ergonomic office chair ratings.

The factors we considered are price, features and customer reviews.

Price is often a determining factor, but a low price does not always mean you are getting the best value for your money.


Brief Reviews of Best Ergonomic Office Chairs

There is a variety of ergonomic office chairs available; but broadly categorizing them they usually comprise of ergonomic desk/ task chairs, ergonomic executive chairs, kneeling ergonomic chairs and ergonomic ball chairs.

Ergo Value Mesh Chair

EQA Home – Ergo Value Mesh Mid-Back Task Chair

One of the fine examples of an ergonomic task chairs is the Ergo Value Mesh Mid-Back Task Chair, by EQA Home.

    • It is an ideal task chair for use at office and at home.
    • It has a tilt, swivel and tension control mechanism which is synchronized for a comfortable seating.
    • This chair has molded foam cushions for the seat which are covered with an elastic fabric.
    • Its backseat is made of mesh allowing for ventilation.
    • This task chair has adjustable armrests with durable polyurethane padding.
    • Price is around $160
    • Customer reviews: Customers seem very happy and satisfied with this chair though some complained that the assembly instructions could have been clearer.
    • Rating: 3 out of 3 Stars


Lorell – Executive High Back Chair


Executive High-Back Mesh Chair

One of the best ergonomic office chairs is from Lorell. It is the Executive High-Back Chair, Mesh Fabric, 28-1/2×28-1/2×45,BK.

It is a nicely designed ergonomic office chair which supports the natural curve of your back. This chair meets the CA117 fire retardant standard. It provides adjustment features in height and width for the arms. It has a pneumatic adjustment for seat-height as well as back height and a 360-degree swivel. Moreover, there is a tilt and asynchronous three-lever control in this ergonomic office chair. The backrest is made of mesh which helps in ventilation besides giving support to the back. You can very easily adjust it to match your body contour. It is an ideal chair for prolonged sitting sessions.


Flash Furniture – High Back Ergonomic Executive


Ergonomic Executive Office
Another good example of an office chair (ergonomic) is the Ergonomic Office Chair – High Back Mesh Ergonomic Executive Office Chair – BT-6001-GYBK-GG by Flash Furniture.

Some of its excellent features include adjustable seat tilt, adjustable back and adjustable seat height. You can easily adjust the height of the back along with adjusting it for how far it can lean. The armrests are movable too. The seat height of this ergonomic chair is ideal for people with long legs. The cushions on the seat and at the back are very comfortable and highly suitable for prolonged sitting. There are three levers on this chair. They provide tilt movement of the base, vertical movement of the base and reclining motion at the back of the chair.

Common Features of Best Ergonomic Office Chairs

If the above chairs are not available in your area for purchase, here is a list of common features of the best ergonomic chars for the office.

You could use the following as a guide to help you pick the best ergonomic office chairs.

The best ergonomic chairs should have a stable and sturdy base as to prevent tilting of the chair. They should have five legs with a pinwheel-like base. The swivel should allow you to rotate around without stressing yourself.

The seat depth should let the back lean against the backrest. The seat height should be adjustable. Moreover the seat should be of a breathable material to allow ventilation. Furthermore, these chairs should have an adjustable seat height so that your thighs are horizontally placed with lower legs in vertical position and feet flat on the floor. The lumbar adjustment should support the curve of the back.

Read more about choosing the right ergonomic chair for your body.

They should allow for an upright body position. They should be of such a height that your elbows are in level to the desk and allow your feet to be resting on the ground. These chairs should support your back especially the lumbar area.

Alternative Best Ergonomic Office Chairs


Kneeling Posture Chair
Kneeling ergonomic chairs are highly suitable for office work. It lets you place your weight on the knees and lower legs and releases the pressure placed on the neck and back. However, people feel reluctant in using this chair, but if they realized the benefits associated with it, they would surely get one. If you want to try a kneeling ergonomic chair, opt for Wooden Wooden Ergonomic Kneeling Posture Office Chair [WL-SB-101-GG] by Office Furniture in a Flash. It would allow you to sit straight up with your core engaged. Its design is such that you can adjust the height of the seat as well as the pitch or tilt of the seat.

DynaFlex Ball Chair

Ergonomic ball chair is an innovative chair style. Though it looks a bit weird but it has a good impact on your body. Stiffness in the back, spinal misalignment and various other health issues can be prevented through its use. There are many good ergonomic ball chairs available in the market; theDynaFlex BC0320 Ball Chair with Base by Dynaflex is one of them. It has some fabulous features.

It serves as a fitness chair which helps in burning calories too besides improving your posture. It allows proactive, healthy sitting position. This ball chair improves the circulation in the body and prevents back stiffness and fatigue. It will keep your body aligned thus relieving stress and tension on the back. This ergonomic office chair enhances core stability, core strength and balance.

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