Ergonomic Microscope

Ergonomic Microscope – Types of Microscopes,
Its Benefits And Where To Buy

Introducing the Ergonomic Microscope, its benefits and where to buy the different types of microscope and the best microscope brands to consider.
If you are involved with lab work, then you know how uncomfortable and straining it can be to try to use a microscope that doesn’t fit your position.If you’re spending a lot of time in the lab, this will cause strain on your back and neck. It will also cause eye-strain, which can really hurt your vision in the long term.To solve this problem, you can rely on ergonomic microscopes. These microscopes are designed to fit all users comfortably and have the microscope adjust to the user, following the principles of ergonomics.

Benefits Of Ergonomic Microscopes

Celestron 44341 LCD Digital Microscope II (Black)
The first benefit of such microscopes are that the lenses are adjustable, reducing the stress on the user’s shoulders and neck. The binoculars are also extendable so the user can observe through it at their own comfortable distance. The result is that it allows a person to view everything standing in an upright position.

The second benefit of the microscope being ergonomic is that it is designed precisely to provide more table space. Some microscopes are designed in a Y-shape so that there is plenty of room for test samples. This also allows you to adjust the microscope and handle it easier. A regular microscope usually takes a lot of space and can be quite tedious the way it is designed.

The third benefit is that the low-position staging and revolving piece allows you to quickly switch samples without changing the focus. One of the most time consuming thing about switching samples is that you often have to remove the lens away and refocus back to your original magnification. This feature makes it easy to change samples quickly and depending on the model, the focusing knob is easier to control.

There are other features that you can find in an ergonomic microscope such as light equalization or for higher focus.

It reduces discomfort on the eyes too. You won’t have to expose your eyes to sudden changes of bright light anymore as the design of the ergonomic microscope makes the light less intense. This makes your lab work less tiring to your eyes and you don’t have to worry about hurting your vision as much.

Celestron 44340 LCD Digital LDM Biological Microscope

Ergonomic Tips

Of course, be sure that you have a proper ergonomic workstation set up. You might work in a lab, but the principles of ergonomics are still the same.

Ensure that you have the right chair, especially if the desk at the lab you work is of a bar height. You can consider ergonomic drafting chairs or stools.

Take breaks…get up from your seat, walk around or practice some ergonomic exercises.

Don’t forget to check on proper lighting to avoid the harmful effects on glare. Incandescent light is preferred over fluorescent lighting (less strain on the eyes).

Where To Buy Ergonomic Microscopes

Here are a few types of microscopes and the best microscope brands to consider

E-Series Stereo Zoom Microscopes (Ergonomic)

This one provides the user with adjustable zoom and ergonomic head.

The following Ergo-zoom Microscope does the same but it is very helpful if you want to work in an organized and clutter-free environment. The space saving design is something many people will appreciate.

Check out other microscopes which may not have the label “ergonomic” are most of them are ergonomically designed.

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