Importance of an Ergonomic Computer Desk

More than you’ll ever hope to discover on the importance of an ergonomic computer desk.

Do you know that more than half the people working at a computer has a less than perfect desk height for their bodies? If you are working more than 2 hours on a desk, it had better be an ergonomic computer desk.

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Why? An ergonomic desk enhances a proper positioning while at a computer helping you reduce the risk of developing back aches, shoulder pain and other uncomfortable pains that don’t seem to go away.

Of course, there are more components to an ergonomic workstation but right now, we’ll focus on computer desk ergonomics.

Serious problems can develop, such as carpal tunnel, due to the wrong position of your arms when typing in relation to your desk. And the bad news is that once these things start to occur, it can take quite a bit of time before relief is felt, as it did for me.

On the other hand, by educating yourself on desk ergonomics and how to choose an ergonomic office desk early on, you can avoid pain and carpal tunnel altogether.

If you spend a lot of time on the computer both at work and at home like I do, then it’s important to make computer desk ergonomics are applied.

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Before we rush out to buy ergonomic computer furniture, we have to understand the ergonomic principles. Not every ergonomic computer desk is going to work for you because certain things like height plays an important factor.

For example, those that are shorter may need to incorporate a foot stool under their desk to obtain a proper sitting position, while taller people might need a taller desk to accommodate the extra height so the hands are positioned properly for working on the computer.

Your choice of ergonomic chair influences the ideal arm position, which is an 90 degree angle when you are typing.

The whole goal of ergonomic computer desks are to alleviate the strain sitting there for hours at a time can cause. People weren’t necessarily designed to sit down all day long, so it probably pays more of a toll on your body than you might think. Now that you know a little about Desk Ergonomics, you can apply it today and you might even find that there is no need to go out and buy a new desk!

Computer Desk Ergonomics

Apply these computer desk ergonomics tips today:

1. Choose a desk that has a matte finish, this will help reduce the glare which in turn creates less stress on the eyes.

2. When purchasing your desk, make sure the height allows for your hands to be able to type on a keyboard without having to reach, or be raised above the waist.

In some cases this will require an addition of a keyboard tray under the desk.

3. You should be able to comfortably sit at the desk, feet flat on the ground, knees bent at 90 degrees, and hands at the waist while being able to work on the computer.

4. You should also make sure to keep the desk above and below uncluttered, to ensure that you don’t have to reach to far to get something you use on a regular basis.

Also ensure that your feet can comfortably rest instead of having to squeeze them in somewhere.

My own experience:

A big problem I had, I realized I’ve been sitting too far away from my computer screen, so I was straining my eyes to read all day long without even realizing it.

Sometimes this happens with very wide desks and you unknowingly position your screen too far back. You can also consider enlarging the fonts of your screen. See also Computer Posture.

When shopping for an ergonomic computer desk…

1) Take into account of your ideal arm position when sitting at the desk

2) When buying a desk, consider also the kind of chair ergonomic hopefully, that will go with it.

3) Consider if a keyboard tray under the table as well, if your knees and arm angles are right.

4) If your desk comes with a built in foot rest, check if they are in ideal position.

5) Otherwise, consider a foot rest along with your ergonomic desk purchase.

6) Choose a desk that has a matte finish

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Varieties of Ergonomic Computer Desks

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There are also many other varieties and features or ergonomic computer desks. They come in long and narrow shapes, L-shapes, keyboard tray feature. The desks are sometimes “cut” in to allow you to sit a little closer more comfortable distance. You have ergonomic desks built with a platform for multiple screens as well as ergonomic desks built for short term, standing use.

The variety of ergonomic desks are catered to individuals depending on how they work. Don’t worry if you are about to choose an ergonomic desk, just follow the principles above and you’ll be fine.

If you don’t have a specific ergonomic table set up for work, for instance you work out of a laptop and you can work anywhere from the dining table to the coffee table, you could follow these principles of ideal ergonomic position (of your arms when working) or consider getting an ergonomic laptop desk like this one..

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