Tendinitis – Definition, Symptoms and Causes

What is Tendinitis?

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It is the inflammation of the tendons.

The tendons are a band of flexible, fibrous tissue that connects the muscles to the bone. When you want to move, your muscles contract, which transmits the force of contraction through the tendon that is wrapped around the bone. This results in the bone moving.

When the tendons become inflamed, movement is painful and hindered. Common tendons related to office injuries include the tendons in the shoulder, bicep, elbow and hand.

What Are the Symptoms of Tendinitis?

  1. Tenderness directly over the tendon
  2. Pain with movement of muscles and tendons
  3. Swelling of the tendon

What Are The Causes of Tendinitis?

  1. Overuse of the tendon causes a repetitive strain resulting in inflammation and reduced blood supply

How Do You Prevent Tendinitis?

  1. Stretch and warm up your upper limbs (shoulders, arms, wrists etc) before typing for extended periods of time
  2. Take frequent breaks
  3. Avoid typing fast and forcefully

Exercises To Prevent Wrist Tendinitis

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